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Prototype Project Management

Here at Black Stick we offer a full electronic design and prototype build service. Our expertise in PCB layout has put us in the unique position of being able to understand the needs of the electronic engineer, PCB manufacturer and the PCB assembly house. As an efficient PCB design bureau, we act as a hub of information flow between mechanical designers and hardware engineers, through to the PCB assemblers and manufacturers. We have quality-approved partnerships in place with PCB fabricators and assemblers, enabling Black Stick to offer an efficient and competitively priced prototype build service.


If full production is required, there is no need to change suppliers, Black Stick can also provide your full production PCB fabrication run.


Conceptual Design

We believe that good conceptual design is the foundation for a good product. We can assist you from the very start of your design process.

We can assist with:

Give us a call and one of our engineers will be more than happy to talk through your requirements. We will do our best to find a solution that fits comfortably within your company.


Reverse Engineering:

We understand that sometimes all you have available from an old design are Gerber files or just a bare board, and you could really do with making some changes to the PCB.


Whatever the reason let Black Stick help. We can take your Gerber files and reverse engineer them back into intelligent design format, allowing your changes to be made. If required we can also create a set of schematics from this, and generate a full documentation package including new Gerber files, ODB++, BOM etc.



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