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Mechanical PCB Design


Working with the latest 3D modelling software we can produce a mechanical PCB design at any stage of your product design cycle. We can then take your mechanical PCB design concept through to finalised 3D PCB mechanical drawings.


3D Component Design

The world of PCB layout has gone 3D, and that means a whole extra dimension to your components. We are at the forefront of 3D PCB layout, and 3D component design is no exception.

The inclusion of real time 3D in PCB layout packages means we are now able to check more accurately for issues such as, component clashes, board to board clashes, connector locations, and how boards interact with their housings.

Component creation is at the heart of the 3D environment and we are more than happy to help with your 3D component needs.


Need to take your mechanical PCB Design to the next stage? see - Electronic Design, PCB Design


3D PCB Design


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