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Black Stick is a leading PCB design bureau with an excellent track record of serving electronics design companies both in the UK and internationally. Our designers are all CID+ or CID qualified with many years of experience solving some of the most complex PCB design challenges.


We offer a choice of PCB design software packages, enabling us to offer our customer maximum flexibility.

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PCB Design

We have extensive knowledge in PCB Design. Listed below are the areas of PCB design wher we have expertise in.

PCB Design Types:

PCB Material Types:

PCB Component Mounting Strategies:


PCB Design in your package of choice

Our designers are multi-conversant in most PCB Design packages.

Our main packages are listed below;

We can also read in various EDA formats, including Cadstar, Orcad, Cadence Alegro, Eagle, UltiBoard, Board maker, P-Cad and, Circuit maker.

One of the major advantage of using the latest PCB design software is that we can perform a variety of PCB design rule checks to ensure a right first time design.


We also have a great deal of experience with:

We have comprehensive knowledge in the following sectors:


Ultra Quick PCB design

Call us to get your urgent PCB design started now: Call: +44 (0)1782 367882


Library management and Component Creation

We offer an in-depth library management service and can tailor it to your requirement. Sometimes tight deadlines mean you can't afford to spend time making component parts, footprints or mechanical representations. This is where we can step in and help. With our experience we will speed up your library creation process allowing you to concentrate on more relevant tasks.

Schematic Capture

We pride ourselves on the quality of our schematic entry. We are fully versed in flat level or hierarchical schematic entry. We believe that well laid-out and documented schematics will save time and reduce possible problems.


Design Outputs:

Depending on the service you have requested, we will create a complete design output package that will include all or some of the following, as required:

We can also create custom outputs and reports tailored to your needs.

Reverse Engineer

We can take in Gerber files or a bare/populated boards and create a fully functioning PCB Design. They then can be modified to design out EMC problems, component obsolescence or add new features to your design.



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IPC CID+ Qualification

Alan Graham, Director of Black Stick LTD takes the prestigious CID+ qualification